Letter to the editor

RE: War and the implication of God’s nonexistence

Dear Editor,

I am always amazed at how intelligent people so frequently come to the conclusion that it’s all God’s fault because there is such evil in the world. I often wonder if that’s their real issue, or is it possibly an indirect way for them to try and prove He doesn’t exist at all? If the latter, it seems to me to be a very poor argument indeed!
When will people realize that God is not responsible for the evil that surrounds us – WE ARE! God was gracious enough to give us free will. What we do with it either becomes our greatest blessing or our greatest curse. But please, don’t blame God for the mess we are in. Most, if not all, evils in this world come from our own desire for power, control and money.
Does a justice dispensing God exist? I’ll suggest that He does. In our universe at times He takes the form of individual men and women, like a Mother Teresa or Gandhi. And I also have no problem believing that people who think they beat the system here on Earth will be judged by an impartial, all-knowing God someday. Now you may be thinking, how could anybody believe such a thing? Easy. If in fact there is a God with a capital G, then rest assured He will not leave things so unbalanced for all eternity. You see He couldn’t; it would be against His very nature. So yes, there will be a day when He equals it all out.
By the way, the author of this article is extremely accurate about his closing remarks, “The absence of ultimate rewards and punishments…seems depressing enough, until we realize that the only hope for humankind is humankind!” But is humankind the only hope for rescuing itself? Obviously, I believe the answer is No!

Joe Lortie, Chaplain, Chi Alpha