OBJEX Art Space: We built this city’s “anti-dazzle” forefront

(Ed. note: For a Q&A with OBJEX’s founder, Dustin Orlando, click on Life&Art in the margin to the left.)

Objex Art Space is a low-key gallery in Miami that features art of the “lowbrow” genre. The art on display entertains a thriving metropolis of topics, never limited to one minimalist subject. Dustin Orlando, a 27-year old artist, owns the gallery, which is in its second year and now preparing for a hectic art season. On Dec. 7 the gallery is hosting an event entitled Stickin’ it to the Man.

“Right now art dazzle is the big thing in the art world – this show is going to be the anti-art dazzle,” says Orlando. “December through June we will have an intense lineup. It will be of an extreme high caliber that Miami has never seen.”

Orlando supports and exposes artists with a “decidedly offbeat ‘no rules’ mentality (that) exists among the subject matter, which is influenced by hedonistic sex, urban decay, political expression, outlaw-types, pulp art, beatnicks, and surfers-skaters.”

This art genre does not wish to mystify a viewer into an intellectual trance, but rather intrigue with color, kineticism, and populist notions. Roots imbedded in the art personify the streets culture and jump out at you with attitude-laden texture. This style was first seen with aerosol-based graffiti, but the art has now evolved into neo-graffiti. Neo-graffiti possesses the same concept of traditional graffiti but climbs off city walls and subways and into nurturing specialized venues. Artists incorporating this style experiment with a variety of mediums and have created a fertile underground movement that is bubbling with potential.

The usual suspects found in fine art galleries throughout Miami are missing in action. At Objex you will find a rare youthful hybrid of fine art and jungle fever lowbrow art unlike anything in the city.
Dec. 7’s Stickin’ it to the Man will feature seven artists from South Florida – all remaining true to the “anti-dazzle” tradition, but never remaining inside the bounds of predictability. Bacardi Rum is sponsoring the event, which is scheduled to have a live band, lots of interesting locals/artists in attendance, art, and a down-to-sleek-earth atmosphere.
Featured artists include Francesco LoCastro, David “LEBO” LeBeatrd, Skot Olsen, Sas Christian, Colin Christian, W. Kelley Lucas, and Orlando. Artwork by these artists will also be on sale.

The gallery is located in Wynwood between the Design District and
Downtown. Orlando and his peers are deeming this the “next big spot” for artists and enthusiasts. “It’s new and up and coming. We’re ready and trying to promote it at the same time,” he says.

Objex is located in an upstairs loft at 500 NW 24th. For more info visit www.objexartspace.com or call 305.576.6551.

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