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“The King of Pop” has it bad these days. Not only did Michael Jackson have to appear in court for a breach-of-contract $21 million lawsuit claiming he owes loot for pulling out of two millennium concerts, but he also might have gone through way too much surgery and too many nose jobs. “His nose is more collapsed than it ever was. That’s also consistent with the fact he’s been walking around wearing surgical masks in recent times,” Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Richard Fleming said on Friday. With each operation, the blood circulation to the area decreases and the risks of scarring and infection increase. “I would never go back and do work on Michael Jackson’s nose … it is just too risky,” Fleming added.

“Party Drugs” are becoming trendy in Singapore’s young and rebellious. Abusing drugs such as Ketamine, Ecstasy and “Ice” (an amphetamine-type stimulant) is common, despite tough drug laws and painstaking crackdowns on drug rings. The government is therefore distributing copies of make-believe accounts of substance abusers to alert the youth.

Standing in the Shadows of Motown is a new flick highlighting the lesser-known musicians that helped make stars of legends such as Diana Ross and Smokey Robinson. It hit theatres last Friday.

The grim, gloomy world of thugged-out hip hop makes news once again as three associates of Death Row Records founder Suge Knight, Kordell Depree Knox, Michael Payne and Theodore Kelly have been arrested for allegedly conspiring to murder a gang rival. Compton police affirmed that the arrests have nothing to do with the Biggie and Tupac murders and that Knight is not a suspect either. Sure.

A Nirvana “best-of” compilation has just been released and debuted in the top ten in 11 countries. The album features the never-before-released track “You Know You’re Right” and, moreover, a book amassed from frontman Kurt Cobain’s many journal entries may very well make the New York Times’ number one spot on their best seller list that will be published on Nov. 24.