‘Canes go crazy for new program on UMTV

Flyers, word of mouth propaganda, and promotional posters for ‘Canes Gone Crazy has made it one of the most popular UMTV television shows ever to hit the UM airwaves.
“This show is a high-energy, high-impact program geared towards college students that just want to have a good time,” said Aaron Zippin, executive producer of the show and UM sophomore majoring in broadcast journalism. “We want to hit all the hot spots of college life here in Miami.”
Zippin says that he hopes the show will serve as an outlet and an informative tool for students who want to go out and enjoy the variety of entertainment opportunities and locations that South Florida has to offer.
Since its creation, ‘Canes Gone Crazy has visited a Playboy beach party, Club Opium, Static, Club B.E.D., Oxygen, Monkey Jungle, Titanic, Tavern in the Grove, Churchill’s, Fat Cat’s, Wasabi Sushi Restaurant, a trapeze school and various other parties.
Hosts of the show have also had exclusive interviews with musical groups including Newfound Glory, Catch-22, All That’s Left and Smoking Pit.
“We try to keep it across the board and space out everything so that we appeal to a wide audience,” Zippin said.
The first episode of ‘Canes Gone Crazy aired Oct. 2 of this year.
Zippin says that since then, the student body has responded positively to the show, although the administration and faculty have often objected to some of the content.
“The nature of the show is very liberal,” Zippin said. “We air partial nudity, drinking and violence – all in a non-gratuitous manner that is aimed toward our college-aged audience.”
Zippin says that the controversy will only add to the popularity of the show.
“Some people think the show is a little too much,” Zippin said. “We break some of the rules and step over the line sometimes, but that’s all part of the reason why people want to watch us.”
According to Zippin, one of the residential colleges banned posters promoting the show because the staff deemed the show as encouraging alcoholism.
According to the official website of the show:
“Our main goals are to increase viewership and awareness of the show on and off campus,” said the public relations department of the show. “We are doing this by putting up banners around school, passing out flyers and verbally promoting the show.”
“We also seek to establish good relationships with the businesses in the area and many groups on campus.”
According to Zippin, the television show hopes to be in contention for some national awards that are coming up later in the year.
“We’re looking forward to the future,” Zippin said. “Every week, the shows just keep getting better and better.”
‘Canes Gone Crazy airs every Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 7:30 p.m. on the College Television Network, Channel 24, or on Channel 96 in the Gables.
For more information on the show or to contact the staff, visit www.canesgonecrazy.com.

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