Letter to the Editor

As I crossed US 1 after school last week, my blood boiled with rage. Not because I was annoyed with the endless amounts of toxins I was breathing in standing by the exhaust of 50,000 cars, but because I had just witnessed one of the worst acts of stupidity that I’ve seen in my time here at UM.
I climbed aboard the Hurry ‘Cane shuttle for a quick ride to the garage from the fountain aboard the EXPRESS shuttle. Good for me, right? Not so much.
The shuttle driver, just doing his job, just earning some bucks and trying not to hit anything or anyone, told a certain unnamed student athlete and fraternity member that he would not be able to get off the shuttle at the Hecht Athletic Center being that he was aboard the “EXPRESS” shuttle……and what ensued was a loud, inappropriate battle between this poor man and a self-righteous “frat boy”.
“WHY THE F*** WON’T YOU STOP HERE???? F***ING A**HOLE!!! EVERY OTHER F***ING SHUTTLE STOPS HERE!!!!” Excuse me, buddy, but lay off the epinephrine. The argument continued, and all I wanted to say was, “hey, being an athlete, shouldn’t you be OK with the fact that you’ll just have to walk 5 minutes out of your way? Better luck next time!”
But being the subdued individual that I am, I restrained myself. Finally this highly intelligent individual pressed the emergency exit button and exited in a huff at a traffic light. But not before his final “F***ING A**HOLE!!!” was given to the shuttle driver. He even had the audacity to ask, “DON’T YOU HAVE A CONSCIENCE? I’M GOING TO BE LATE FOR PRACTICE YOU A**HOLE!!!”
Evidently, this guy hasn’t gotten a day past high school. And to think, this is whom I share an education with. Is a beefcake on a power trip worth $25,000? I think not.

Laraine Elizabeth Martin