Crippy as a taxable anti-drepessant…someday

How many people do you know who break the law and smoke weed? Marijuana cannot be taxed because of how privately it is grown indoors. Doctors prescribe drugs such as Prozac or Zoloft and yet many Americans still smoke weed regularly. If doctors prescribed weed for anxiety disorders and depression, no one would take Prozac just for “kicks.” It just is not as much fun.
A 15-year Johns Hopkins University study published in May of 1999 found “no significant differences in cognitive decline between heavy users, light users, and non-users of cannabis.” Apparently only one person has ever died of a marijuana overdose yet alcohol poisoning is commonly treated across the country. If alcohol is okay because the people will drink it anyway (and it’s taxable), then why not a plant that is smoked like tobacco? Kids are prescribed drugs to help with societal and psychological problems. These drugs have high success rates, but what exactly is the definition of success?
A rising tide in America is a charge to amend laws concerning marijuana. While nine states (NV, OR, HA, CA, ME, CO, AK, and WA) passed referendums giving doctors the authority to give prescriptions for medicinal marijuana, the federal government continues to advocate locally organized growers who are set up so that the people won’t support networked drug dealers. The state and federal laws are as oppositional as the ideologies. Nevada was the first state to vote on a referendum to decriminalize possession of three full ounces to people over 21 as long as they are not driving while high, dealing it, or smoking in public places. The referendum did not pass- 60.7 per cent opposed and 36 per cent in favor. However you stand on this issue, please don’t be paranoid. It is only a law.
Propaganda about drug use funding terrorism works as well as the D.A.R.E. programs. When I was f14, my friend and I had some trouble rolling a joint (since it was our first time), and reminiscing on my D.A.R.E. experience I made a pipe out of an empty soda can. I remembered the police officer/teacher waxing to sixth graders about how crackheads make pipes out of trash. They also taught us all of the cool slang that is still being used in youth culture, i.e. herb, L, chronic, mary-jane. Nearly 76 million Americans have admitted to using marijuana. This is almost one third of the population. If our democracy is founded on the principle of equal and fair representation of the people under the law, then why do our elected officials misrepresent so many people? Marijuana will not spread terror, nor will it solve any problems. It might cause new problems. Yet, America is not a stranger to problems.

Alex Saleeby is a junior majoring in art.