There must have been an orgasmic eruption of joy in the White House last night as Republicans took control of both houses of Congress in an election that left many stunned. The months of shameless scrambling around the nation to give support to the party’s candidates paid off for Bush, and his eyes must have lit up like a little child on Christmas morning when he heard the news. Finally, the president’s push to obtain unconstitutional powers to declare war can’t be stopped. Finally, Bush will be able to “fix” the Supreme Court by appointing more conservative judges, and no one will blink at the fact that one of them was a leading opponent of Civil Rights legislation in the 1960’s, and that most of them are staunchly anti-abortion. And finally, when Bush says that war on Iraq is necessary, he will be met with a sea of smiling faces, bobbing heads, and raucous applause. No longer will he have to stumble his way through an explanation of what happened to the pursuit of the real terrorists (the Taliban), or of the myriad ethical problems with his preemptive strikes, or of the North Korea question, or of the plummeting economy. You heard right, he’s got his good old boys in power now. So bust out the tanks, and to hell with diplomacy, common sense, and respect for the life of Iraqi citizens.
The joy in Bush’s heart doesn’t stop there, however. Enjoying the fruits of nepotism at its finest, his brother Jeb Bush became the first Republican governor in nearly one hundred years to be reelected as governor of Florida. In yet another display of their supreme intelligence, Florida voters decided that they feel safer with a governor who they already know is a liar rather than a new governor who they are unsure of.
Of course, to not seem too one-sided and anti-Republican, the Democrats are equally as terrible right now in America. For all intensive purposes, their platform is the same as the Republicans, and they lack leadership of any kind within the party. Thus, rather than anti-Republican sentiment, it seems more appropriate to convey an overall anti-government sentiment.
What’s wrong with the government, you ask? Money is what’s wrong with the government. It seems very doubtful if the framers of the Constitution intended that a race for a Congressional seat should cost upwards of 30 million dollars for some candidates, yet this is the case in America today. And where do these candidates get the money from? The answer is that ugly catch phrase, big business. Think about it logically, if you are running and a business gives your candidacy millions of dollars that help you get elected, who are you going to listen to once in office? Will you represent the people who voted for you or the people who gave you truckloads of money?
The result is that big business has a mafia-like hold on our government. Candidates are given so much money to help them win that they literally owe the contributing special interest groups more than they owe the people.
Another result is that we end up with a government comprised of old white millionaires who are interested in one thing: protecting their money. We have seen similar governmental configurations in our past, and every time they have led to disaster (the genocide of Native Americans, the Great Depression, etc). So to everyone who still believes that they are being represented by the best government in the world, here is one minor revision. We are actually being represented by the best government in the world that money can buy.