Campaign plagued by incompetent politicians

With the Election Day hoopla over with for another two years, let me speak for many by breathing a sigh of relief!
I think the fear that Florida would mess up once again and become yet another national spectacle outweighed the actual election itself.
Does anyone else feel like they’re getting to be too big of a deal, especially at the consequence of other, vastly more important issues being pushed to the wayside? The first year of a new candidate’s year in office is all about the election aftereffects and inauguration. The last year, if it’s the candidate’s first term in office, is devoted to rallying and gaining support for reelection. If it’s the last year of a candidate who’s already been in office for two terms, then it’s spent on what incumbent they’re endorsing. And then there’s the irony that the whole debacle of the election overshadows the job they’re trying to run for in the first place. Add the time in government it takes to do anything, and you virtually get a big fat nothing accomplished.
Just look at the recent chaos of the Haitian immigrants who ran ashore on the causeway last week. Within hours, the headline was not, how are we going to deal with this situation, but rather the controversial law that Jeb Bush’s presidential sibling George W. passed to require that illegal Haitian immigrants be returned to their country immediately. So what did Bush do? He raced to say that he does not totally keep with his brother’s decision, in order to not offend Haitian protest groups, and risk losing precious votes. McBride wasted no time in calling radio stations and sending out letters supporting the Haitian migrants. In South Florida, it’s all about pleasing as many minority groups as possible to get those votes, isn’t’ it? It’s just one big political maneuver. All of this overlooks the main problem: why these people risked their lives in the first place by leaving their country to seek a better life in ours.
Regardless of these serious problems going unsolved in the wake of elections, I grow sick of constantly hearing about campaigning, rallying, press releases and the like. There needs to be much less time devoted to the tired election process, and more to the actual pressing issues that mean something. If the governor is so damn busy with all of this reelection business, I want to know who is running the state of Florida and dealing with all of the real things that need attention. Because from where I stand, mixing it up at high-profile celebrity-magnet banquets night after night sure as hell doesn’t constitute governing a whole state to me.
Derek Bramble is a senior majoring in Broadcast Journalism and Theatre.