Face the facts…most people support war with Iraq

Face it ‘Canes…You’re out of touchThe latest CNN/Gallup poll shows that of the adults surveyed, 57% believe that the US should go into Iraq and remove Saddam Hussein from power, with 36% opposed. Not stellar, but a clear majority nonetheless. Well low and behold: the majority of students and faculty at UM are against it, or so the Hurricane reports. My favorite quote from that article is from the representative of yet another multi-syllabic “consciousness” group. “The US should force the Iraqi government to accept the UN Weapons Inspection teams and lift the sanctions that have been imposed.” How exactly are we supposed to do that? Eleven years of economic sanctions and military air strikes haven’t accomplished it. I guess we should use harsh language and take away Saddam’s The Godfather DVD collection. Makes about as much sense as people who have said, ‘Sure, I don’t have any problem with assassinating him.’ Okay, we should skulk around and shoot him from the shadows and let the country fall into chaos that we can’t control, but never, never use the US army to go in. And this makes you the noblest of people I guess.

Then there’s the pedantic commentary about North Korea and Iraq being invaded simultaneously. How typical that you drones on the left spin it that way rather than focus on the fact that North Korea’s admitting to treaty noncompliance is an abject failure of one of Bill Clinton’s foreign policy cornerstones. First, no congressional authorization exists for an invasion of North Korea. Second, unlike Iraq, North Korea lies between the US Army and China, who intervened on their behalf once before.

My final example of how few of you people are rooted in reality is the letter to the editor edifying Steve-O. I mean, by his own words, “… I did a lot of tripping on acid when I was at UM… I f****ing smashed the window on the 13th floor… and jumped through it…” My hero! Maybe when he goes to prison, he and his new boyfriend will get the cell next to Martha Stuart. Steve, shut the f*** up, you punk a** b****. These are but a few of the reasons why college students aren’t the benchmark by which public sentiment or rational thought is measured. Congratulations.

Scott Wacholtz is a junior majoring in computer science and political science.