Letter to the Editor

I would like to start out by thanking Hunter Stephenson, the Life and Art Editor, for his brilliant article on Steve-O from Jackass. I firmly believe that article to be the best, most honest account of the University of Miami ever published by this paper.

Finally an alumnus with personality comes out of the woodwork, someone who wasn’t afraid to mar the pristine image of this University. To step on the grass at this institution is considered a crime these days, and yet, just a few years ago, Steve-O was throwing parties on the roof of the towers and firing water guns at people in class. However, that pales in comparison to the best part of the article, where the students at the university of Miami were finally given some advice they could use. “UM Girls: Stop being such sluts!” The word is out there, ladies, if you wanna get an easy lay, come to UM because the girls are rich and easy. Don’t get me wrong; this applies to the men on campus as well. I feel an anecdote would be appropriate to demonstrate my point. There is girl on campus that was sleeping with two separate guys all last semester. Her goal this semester was to sleep with both in one night, and lo and behold she succeeded. Goals used to be good grades, graduating, being successful in life, but no. Here at UM it’s to sleep with as many men, or women, as possible, and as Steve-O said, get out of UM with out bumps on your wiener.

I want to end by thanking Hunter again for such a wonderful, enlightening article. I’d like to thank Steve-O for finally being so candid about the truth behind UM. It’s just a shame that most of the people who could benefit from his advice don’t read anything besides GQ and Cosmo.

~ Lisa Kaneff is a senior majoring in Public Relations and Psychology.