Guided By Voices empty beer coolers and JD bottles in Fort Lauderdale

As Robert Pollard joyously struggled to stand on his own two feet, he proclaimed, “We are a rock and roll band. We love drinking, smoking, and women.” While the history of rock music is polluted with featherweight bands that have boasted similar contention (often more poetically), very few can or actually want to live the life. Indie rock heroes, Guided by Voices, gave a performance Tuesday night at the Factory in Fort Lauderdale that should have earned them a gold-studded heavyweight belt.

Approximately half an hour after Superdrag finished their 45 minute set, Guided by Voices took the stage accompanied by a two page set list, a blue cooler full of ice and Miller Lite, numerous packs of Camel Lights and three large bottles of Jack Daniel’s. During their performance, barely legal girls approached the side of the stage with six packs of beer for guitarist Nate Farley and bassist Tim Tobias, coveting to get more than a “thank you” smile. In the meantime, frontman Pollard kicked, stumbled, and wildly swung his microphone, while drummer Kevin March and guitarist Doug Gillard adopted a more laid back, focused demeanor.

The assorted crowd (nearly full capacity) seemed to enjoy each inebriated minute of their distinctively epic two hour and 40 minute set. Except for a short intermission and a couple of witty remarks made by Pollard, Guided by Voices played one song after the next, from their numerous EPs and LPs, with consistently remarkable fervor. By the time they left the stage, the cigarette packs, the Jack Daniel’s bottles and the blue cooler were empty.

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