Letter to the Editor

I write this letter to voice my displeasure with the new “Dialup Canes” Internet connection. I don’t expect the Hurricane to do anything about it, but rather, I write this to have my complaint registered on a campus-wide basis.

I live off-campus and I was initially pleased to find out that I could dial up to the school for a free Internet connection. I am, by no means, an Internet nerd. I like to log on from time to time to check my email, do web research and chat with my friends. To be honest, I don’t know what it takes to run a network like Dialup Canes, and personally, I don’t really care. What I do know, however, is that Dialup Canes craps out on me all the time. I log on, begin checking my email or chatting with a friend or two. Three minutes later, I get booted off. Half of the people I was chatting with get offended, and the other half make fun of my crappy dial-up connection. I curse, I yell, I make up outrageous new titles for Dialup Canes like: “Sputteringly Craptastical.”

I wonder if Dialup Canes plans to upgrade their system, whether they have merely been experiencing problems this week or if they just out-and-out suck. I guess the bottom line is: You get what you pay for. I pay nothing, and subsequently, I get a crap-connection. Eh, so it goes.
Daniel Boniface