eye filler: Downing Coronas with Atmosphere’s Slug at Soho Lounge

Life & Art interviewed Atmosphere’s Slug before he took the stage with Mr. Dibbs and posse to spit rhymes to a packed house at Revolver. While there’s scant skepticism concerning his rhyming ability, Slug delivered plenty of “what the hell” quotes beforehand. His theory on the world’s creation is particularly odd. Unfortunately, most of his anecdotes were lost in a freak accident involving a tape recorder, too many Coronas and other things, including Sven Barth. Here is what was recovered from the rubble.

“Tupac is the most emo-rapper in the world.”

“I’m going to wow the world with how stupid I can be.”

“There’s something sexy about a chick who will throw up on me that’s just sexy, keep it real girls.”