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Are the Rolling Stones getting too old to retain that rock and roll sex appeal they’ve been exuding for decades now? Probably not because Keith Richards was featured shirtless on the last issue of Rolling Stone magazine, his wrinkling skin sagging against the guitar he was holding. Moreover, frontman Mick Jagger recently announced in a BBC Radio interview on Sunday that the band is embarrassed of the first few songs they recorded, declaring that they lacked real rocking energy. “We couldn’t write rock songs, we just wrote these crap ballads,” said Jagger. How did they lose that “crap” sentimentality? They must have discovered the joys of no-holds-barred sex with groupies.

Can someone find that goddamn sniper in D.C. and just bust his ass? Almost 7 seven deaths-this shit’s getting serious. In any case, art may just be imitating life here (or the other way around) as the upcoming thriller Phone Booth may delay its release of November 15 because of the similar subject matter to current events. The film stars Colin Farrell as a man trapped in a phone booth by a distraught sniper played by Kiefer Sutherland. Citizens in the D.C. area are terrified by the murders and we strongly doubt that a film about a crazy sniper is going to make any good publicity these days.

The Sugarhill Gang’s studio in Englewood, New Jersey, burnt down in flames last Friday. It’s where the group had recorded “Rapper’s Delight,” one of the first radio rap hits, in the ’70s.