Letter to the Editor

The attacks that were made by the editor against the Orange Bowl staff and, more importantly, student fans trouble me. I understand that safety is of utmost importance to you, as it should be. However, attempting to curb student enthusiasm, generalizing the student section as drunken college kids, and claiming vendors show utter disregard when checking identification is hardly a way to address the situation. Why not rethink criticisms seemingly spawned by an incident that was not even covered by The Hurricane.

Football is an exciting sport. Hurricane football is an electrifying event. Students will stand and support their team. Asking them not to defeats their spirit and enthusiasm. UM does not have 50,000 students like Ohio State to pack into a stadium and create havoc for opposing teams by cheering their hearts out. We have our student section, and for the first time in a while, it has been full. Not just full for FSU, but full for UCONN! Let students be enthused, let them make noise, and for Sebastian’s sake, let them stand!

As for the drunken college kids comment, please step down from the

soapbox. Sure, some students drink, but don’t classify an entire section as one inebriated mass. If anything, standing would be the last thing drunken college kids would be capable of, especially for a prolonged period of time, like, say, a football game. Any time I’ve gone to purchase a brew in the OB, which certainly isn’t often (you can buy a six-pack for what they charge for a flat, watered-down domestic) the staff serving the beer checks my ID bracelet. Once, when buying a beer with a friend who, though older than me, looks much younger than me, even though he had a bracelet, the person serving the beers asked to see his ID. I would say that the OB staff is doing their job. What people imbibe or inhale before entering the OB, however, is not under OB staff control. I highly doubt mass quantities of underage students are getting drunk from over-priced beers in the OB.

Not all students are tactful