Get ROWDY, but not too rowdy…

This weekend marks a monumental event in the University of Miami’s history.

“The homecoming game [against FSU] is so historic because we have rarely had one of our greatest rivals be our opponent for the Homecoming game,” Homecoming chair Julio Barroso said. “Not only has this helped elevate the excitement of this year’s Homecoming festivities, but it has also attracted more alumni to the Homecoming festivities that might not have previously attended.”

Last year the ‘Canes won out over our arch rivals the Florida State University Seminoles going on later in the season to become the National Champions.

Following last week’s accident at the Orange Bowl, when an unnamed person was injured after falling from the balcony at the UM vs. UConn game, security for the UM v. FSU game has been considerably tightened, according to Dr. Pat Whitely, Vice President for Student Affairs.

“It is the sincere wish of the entire Homecoming Executive Committee that all students have a great time at all of the homecoming events, including the highly anticipated homecoming game versus FSU,” Barroso said. “We just ask that everyone act responsibly and use common sense to ensure a safe and fun time for all.”

Students will be required to wear a wristband so that they can be identified as belonging in the student section of the arena.

“Students should be the only ones allowed in the student section of the arena,” freshman Pamela Schiess said. “We pay good money to come to this school and one of the privileges we get is to enjoy the game with our fellow students and friends.”

Whitely suggests students arrive early and emphasizes the fact that section loading will not be permitted.

“If students are asked to leave by security for any type of unruly behavior, they will not be permitted to attend any more games for the remainder of the season,” Whitely said.

Neither the Orange Bowl Security Staff nor the Event Planning Committee could be reached for comment.

Whitely encourages fans to come out and cheer the ‘Canes on in its quest for its second consecutive national championship.

“Everyone should get ready for a great time,” Whitely said.

Homecoming officially ends with the Saturday game against FSU.

“This is going to be my first UM game,” freshman Ricardo Rodriguez said. “I’m sure it’s going to be crazy. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”

“I’m going to face-paint everything green and orange!” Cardenas said.

“I’m going to burn a little Seminole scarecrow to prepare for the game,” freshman Johnny Eskander said.

“The night before the Homecoming game is traditionally the most spirited of all of Homecoming,” Barroso said. “It is important for students to attend all of the events because it will help them to truly experience what Homecoming is all about: the love of our alma mater.”

Storm Watch, conclusion of homecoming festivities on campus includes a parade at 7 p.m. on Stanford Drive, a pep rally in the StormSurge Cafe’ at 8 p.m., a traditional boat burning competition, a fireworks display, a Homecoming after party, and Alumni Night at the Rat.

Closing ceremonies, where they announce the winners of Homecoming, will take place on Sunday in the UC Patio at 12 p.m.