Homecoming off to solid start

Despite the incessant warnings to back up from the stage, this year’s Hurricane Howl went off reasonably well. South Florida’s own New Found Glory took the stage amidst a large crowd of students and fans alike. The concert was somewhat of a homecoming for drummer Cyrus Bolooki, a former student at the University of Miami, and he put on quite a performance as the band ran through their energetic list of songs about the trials and tribulations of puberty and picking your friends over your girlfriend.

Equally impressive was the opening act, All That’s Left, also a local band with Miami ties. Guitarist Andrew Bolooki (Cyrus’ brother) is currently a student at the University of Miami. The band played in promotion of their new release, The 806 E.P., and gave many onlookers a taste of their music as they threw out flurries of free promotional CDs from the stage during the performance. If you missed all the action, they can be reached at www.allthatsleft.com.

Although the concert was not filled with thousands of screaming, pre-pubescent girls, it was all-in-all a success. It seems that Hurricane Productions finally was able to get the right band and the right weather conditions to line up on the same night. Hopefully that trend will continue.