UM’s Band of the Hour is “better than ever”

Better than ever and bursting with ‘Canes spirit, UM’s Band of the Hour is set to lead the football team all the way to Phoenix, Arizona for a sixth national championship title.

So far this year, Band of the Hour has performed at the 2002 Freshman Picnic, a pep rally and three football games.

The marching section of the band, under the direction of three-year veteran Dr. Michael Dressman, has grown in the past few semesters and currently includes students representing over 40 different academic majors.

“The band is now better than ever,” said Dressman at the Traditional First Rehearsal, where President Dr. Donna E. Shalala and faculty sat in and listened to the band play Hurricane fight songs.

The entire band consists of over 170 members comprised of band members, Hurricanettes and color guards.

Some of the benefits of being in the band include going to all of the home games, meeting new people and traveling on all-expense paid trips to championship bowl games.

“Now is a great time to join; there are definite perks going to the football games,” band captain Joe Bagierek said.

Tyneshia Tatum, a junior saxophone player, performed at the Rose Bowl Parade and game in Pasadena last year.

“The game was awesome; the parade was awesome. It was so much fun,” Tatum said.

The band ensemble also allows students from other colleges to participate.

Currently Students from Miami-Dade Community College and Florida International University are among the schools represented.

“There are a lot more new people and it is a lot more enjoyable than last year,” sophomore color guard Vanessa Llizo said.

Although the band does not perform competitively, it has earned numerous plaques and honors for performing at bowl games.

“This year we should only get better,” senior clarinet player Alina Matusow said. “We have new uniforms and we’re not split – like this section and that section – this year we’re more of a band.”

Even students outside of the band have noticed the positive changes.

“I think the band is good. They should be credited for their work,” Amos Legrand Jr., a senior political science major said. “I’ve seen them on the IM field practicing in the extreme heat.”

If anyone wants to join the band, members say the only requirements are to be dedicated and willing to practice and, of course, have fun.

The band has a schedule that includes the rest of the season’s home games, homecoming, and a trip to Phoenix, Arizona to the Fiesta Bowl for a sixth national title game if the football season continues its winning streak.

For more information on the band and their performance schedule, visit their web page at