Senate clears the air for us

We applaud student government in their endeavor to keep students’ lungs free of second hand smoke. Thanks to a new bill passed in the Student Government Senate, resident students will have to take a walk if they want to smoke. The air will soon be cleared around the dorms as a 25-foot non-smoking buffer is placed around University residence halls. Students will now be able to come and go without involuntarily inhaling half a pack of Marlboros.

While we can already hear the cries of injustice squealing out of the hacking lungs of chain smokers, we strongly believe the right to breathe clean air should supersede smokers’ desires to puff in close vicinity to home.

There is no doubt that students should still have the right to smoke, but there should be a higher level of consideration given to where they smoke. This new bill means students will no longer have to choose between smoking and second-hand smoking.