‘Canes Night Live hits campus

Weekend nightlife at UM is getting more exciting with the introduction of a new entertainment program called ‘Canes Night Live that hosts a variety of special events Thursday through Sunday.

The program was established in spring 2002 and is organized by the Office of Student Affairs, the Offices of the Dean of Students, the Department of Multicultural Student Affairs and the Wellness Center.

Thus far this semester the program has held a pizza party, shown movies on the University Green and hosted a guest hypnotist during orientation.

‘Canes Night Live is also responsible for the new comedians and happy hour at the Rathskeller.

“It is an inexpensive way to have fun on the weekends. The parties are good and they give you time to catch up with friends that you haven’t seen in a while,” senior Ann Marie Madura said.

According to organizers, late night and weekend programming on college campuses has become a national trend. More and more colleges and universities are planning activities to get students involved and to provide students with a break from the stresses of college life.

“The University of Florida [UF] has a really interactive intensive late night and weekend programming series,” said Cie Chapel, a graduate intern at the Office of the Division of Student Affairs who is working closely with ‘Canes Night Live.

According to organizers, ‘Canes Night Live started at UM when Heather Lancin, advisor for Hurricane Productions, told of her first-hand experiences at the University of Florida.

“[UF] is where Heather did her graduate work, so she gave us a lot of insight about things that have been done there before,” Chapel said. “Then, using that with the general campus culture and office history, we came up with programs that we thought would be good.”

Many students on campus have heard of the events and have attended the various activities provided around campus. Others have not attended but have said they are interested in the upcoming events scheduled for the semester.

“They really sound interesting,” said sophomore Diana Offutt, who has not attended any of the events yet. “Especially the hypnotist.”

“I always go when they bring in speakers,” James Stranahan said. “I went to a couple last year, like when they had Joan Waters come in.”

Among the events planned for the remainder of the semester are a party at the Rat, another movie on the lawn and Sunday football at the Rat.

The last weekend of September will be dedicated to the Hurricane Howl, which includes Homecoming Opening Ceremonies, Hurricane Ball and the Miss UM Scholarship Pageant.

If you have an idea for an event or would like to volunteer to help put an event together, contact Darina Marrow or Cie Chapel at the Office of Student Affairs in UC 209.

For more information about the program or upcoming events visit www.miami.edu/canes-night-live.