Entertainment News

British establishment blights and vigorous punk rockers, the Sex Pistols, played their first U.S. concert in 6 years in L.A. last Saturday and rowdy fans gave them a warm (or cold?) welcoming by showering the group with beer.

The San Sebastian Film Festival in Spain celebrates its 50th anniversary and will begin on Sept. 19th, honoring actors Dennis Hopper, Jessica Lange and Bob Hoskins with lifetime achievement awards.

Motley Crue singer Vince Neil is being sued for $1 million by a Los Angeles record producer over an alleged violent altercation that took place in April. Neil is accused of battery, intentional infliction of emotional damage and negligence. Rock on.

A year after the 9/11 tragedy, new photography titles appear in stores by a number of gifted photojournalists, including Faces of Ground Zero by Joe McNally, Here is New York: A Democracy of Photos gathered by nearly 1,000 people from the city, Stepping Through Ashes by Eugene Richards, and Above Hallowed Ground by the photographers of the New York Police Department.

Faith Evans claims Biggie cried when he heard about Tupac’s death and many rap figures such as Ja Rule, Lil Cease and Def Jam founder, Russell Simmons, are asking the public to not believe everything they read.

The “Red Velvet” photo collection, which depicts a nude Marilyn Monroe, will go on sale once again. Ventura photographer, Tom Kelley, Jr., inherited the pictures from his father, who took the photographs, when he died. He’s currently looking for a buyer.

Rolling Stones’ guitarist Keith Richards is enraged at his fellow bandmate, Mick Jagger, for accepting knighthood and threatened to pull out of their tour. He expressed “cold, cold rage at [Jagger’s] blind stupidity,” since his new identity, “Sir Mick,” contradicts the rebellious, hedonistic rock lifestyle that they stamped in the ’60s.

Brad Pitt just bailed on Darren Aronofsky’s upcoming sci-fi flick, The Fountain, just two months before production was to start in Australia. The film is being put back on the shelves because they couldn’t find a leading man at such a late date.