Was there ever any question?

UM’s triumph over the University of Florida on Saturday was worth the 15-year wait. For the first time since 1987, these two intra-state rivals battled it out in Gainesville.

Ben Hill Griffin Stadium was filled to capacity with 85,777 screaming fans anticipating what would be a great [and victorious] game.

“It was an awesome game,” said junior Jeff Benea. “I actually lost my voice after the game from screaming so much.”

“We watched the party in my room and partied out,” said freshman Adam Harvey.

“It was ridiculous how bad we beat them. A repeat national championship is eminent,” declared sophomore Jason Beck.

“I don’t even like football and I watched the game,” said Lacey Hickle, a former UM student.

“I watched the game by myself,” said sophomore Chris Hamilton. “I really don’t like big crowds much, besides it was such an easy win I fell asleep by the third quarter”.

“I went down to the Keys to watch the game,” said Javier Arauz. “I wish I had been a little closer to home, I had to get the bar supervisor to put the game on. I’m going to be going to UM next year so I can see the game at the Rat. I think the enthusiasm will be a little higher.”

Those that were actually at the game had a different experience from those who watched it on television.

“I paid 200 dollars for the tickets,” said sophomore Steven Pride.

“The whole atmosphere was electric. After the 97 yard interception return in the third quarter, the Gator crowd was silenced and the 10,000 Miami fans could be heard loud and clear.”

Some fans, although they enjoyed the defeat, weren’t impressed by the Hurricanes’ performance.

“I don’t think they played as great as possible,” said Marcus “Zap” Zapato, longtime UC night supervisor. “They made some stupid mistakes, but if they play like we know they can, they’ll go undefeated.”

“There is not a doubt in my mind that we can win every game for the rest of the season,” said freshman Chad Bernstein.

“I hate the ‘Canes and I hope they all melt in the Miami heat,” said Jose Izquierdo, an alumni of UF. “This Christmas I’m not planning on buying my kids any candy canes, that’s how pissed I am.”

The 41-16 defeat was the Gators’ worst home loss since 1979.

Interestingly, the race for Florida governor headed to Gainesville as well. Governor Jeb Bush as well as gubernatorial candidates Janet Reno and Bill McBride were in Gainesville handing out bumper stickers to fans and joining in on some of the tail-gate festivities.

The victory on Saturday also helped tighten the Hurricanes hold on the number one spot in the AP poll. The Hurricanes received 68 out of the possible 74 votes.

“If this game is any indication of the rest of the season, we’re going to win our second consecutive National Championship,” said Hamilton.

“I’m definitely looking forward to killing Temple next Saturday,” said Zapata. “I know the team will come through for us again.”

“The gators were first, the Noles are next,” Harvey said.