Quantum sets October date for ‘Rocky Horror’

Tacky, tacky, tacky.

“It’s really a musical spoof of the B-rated sci-fi movies of the sixties,” said the Rocky Horror Show director, Michael Verdirame.

The Rocky Horror Show, presented by Quantum Entertainment, will play through Oct. 26 – Nov. 2 at the Hillel-Jewish Center located on Stanford Drive, across from the Mahoney/Pearson Residential colleges. There is also a special Halloween midnight showing of the performance planned.

“This performance is modeled after the Rocky Horror Show which debuted some twenty years ago on Broadway,” Verdirame said. “It deals with a lot of different things, ranging from cross dressing to incestuous relationships…it’s the first time a student organization has done something like this.”

The story follows the story of all-American Brad and his ‘girl’, Janet, who, after their car breaks down late one stormy night, happen upon an old mansion. It is here that Frank N. Furter and his assistants ‘entertain’ them. Over the course of the evening both are seduced by their host, who also creates a muscle-bound hunk, and who turns out to be an alien from the planet Transsexual.

“The entire production is run by students,” said Zach Lezberg, president of Quantum Entertainment. “Everything from the stage and casting details to the legal and business aspects of the production are handled by student-run organizations.”

Dozens of students auditioned for the 15 available parts.

“The talent for this show has been incredible. Unfortunately, we only need a small cast for this production. I’m really glad to see the caliber of the talent in the audition pool,” said Nicole Wichinsky, casting director and recent intern of Johnson-Liff Casting in New York City.

“One of the things I like most about this production is the fact that it is student-run and that everyone’s opinion matters,” said junior Sean Klitzner, a film and theatre major.

“I’ve been a fan of Rocky Horror since eighth grade…I just wanted to try out just for the fun of it,” said sophomore Brad Lonberger, an architecture major.

“One of our main goals is to get students throughout the university interested in theatre, regardless of their major or theatrical background. This year we have majors from math, biology, pre-med, and every other area you can think of, try out,” Lezberg said.

If interested in working with or finding out about Quantum Entertainment, visit their website at www.gotoquantum.com. Tickets for the show will be available at the beginning of October.