Entertainment News

Erratic young actor, Brad Renfro, has been mysteriously fired from one of the lead roles in the upcoming horror flick, Freddy vs. Jason. Producers are scrambling for a replacement.

An Oregon couple is auctioning off Kurt Kobain’s childhood home on Ebay. Obsessed fans, drool in front of your computer screens. The former Nirvana frontman lived there from age 11 to 15.

Guitarist Graham Coxon has left Blur according to several reports in the U.K. Coxon and Blur frontman, Damon Albarn, supposedly had an argument, which prompted the former to quit. After a few hearty drinks, maybe they’ll kiss and make up.

New York’s Broadway theater scene slowly rebounds from post-Sept. 11 gloom as the first show of the new season, “Hairspray,” headlines the charts.

Garry Trudeau, creator of the Pulitzer Prize-winning comic series “Doonesbury,” releases a new collection entitled, Peace Out, Dawg! Tales From Ground Zero. Trudeau hasn’t yet refrained from his roguish behavior of ironic cartooning.

Terry Gilliam’s production of The Man Who Killed Don Quixote was shut down because of flooding, ruined equipment, an insurance mess and an illness that struck his star, Jean Rochefort. Instead, his documentary, Lost in La Mancha, is due in theatres early next year.

Los Angeles Times recently ran a story that claimed that Biggie paid for the murder of Tupac. The article accuses the former of meeting with members of the Crips gang in Las Vegas and offering them $1 million for the assassination. Biggie’s family and entourage are outraged and find the story to be “preposterous.”

Russell Simmons, Def Jam mogul, challenges the L.A. Times article in a statement that said the story “does more to inflame the passions and emotions than to clear the air with actual facts.”

Swimfan, the low-budget teen-thriller, makes No. 1 splash at the box office, grossing about $12.4 million for the three days beginning Sept. 6