Students travel to UF

The upcoming football game between Miami and Florida has become one of the most widely anticipated confrontations of the entire season.

For many dedicated Hurricane fans, to attend the big game would be a dream come true.

Luckily, the chance to witness college football history has been made possible with help from Category 5, a spirit-oriented sub-section of student government.

This Saturday, instead of watching the game at the Rathskeller, 94 lucky UM students will view the Florida game up close from the stands of Ben Hill Griffin Stadium in Gainesville.

The football pilgrimage actually begins Friday at 1:30pm when the fans will load buses headed for Gator Country. The travelers will then spend Friday night in a hotel and prepare for an exciting day of cheering for their beloved Hurricanes.

This will all lead up to the experience of a lifetime Saturday afternoon when Miami squares off against Florida in the Swamp.

The entire weekend will be one that will not soon be forgotten for these lucky fans.

The experience of traveling to such a momentous game was all made possible by the spirit booster organization known as Category 5.

Born out of a referendum set forth by UM Student Government, Category 5 has spread orange and green across the campus with their uplifting, spirit-filled activities.

“We’re trying to build a bridge between athletes and students,” says co-chair Kim Racciato, “We’re all about spirit and pride!”

Category 5 is responsible for numerous spirit-based projects at UM including the recent Freshman Walk at Miami’s opening game as well as trips to such football games as the Sugar Bowl and the Rose Bowl. The recent Florida game project is just another example of what the group is trying to accomplish.

It was not easy for the ‘Cane fans to be able to go to the big Florida game.

Interested students received an e-mail from Category 5 containing information regarding the sales and distribution of the ticket packages.

On August 29 at 7 a.m. the packages that included transportation and hotel accommodations, as well as incredible seats for the game, went on sale to an eager crowd.

Even though the packages cost upwards of $100 per person there were still plenty of people willing to buy.

“There were a few kids who arrived at the 2nd floor of the University Center in the middle of the night just to get in line,” according to a source from Category 5.

Unfortunately, about 30 students were denied ticket packages after they had sold out.

For those who will not be making the trip to Gainesville, all is not lost. There are plenty of activities taking place on campus geared towards the upcoming game much like Thursday’s outrageous pep rally which featured the stars of the “Best Damn Sports Show Period,” which also happened to be sponsored by Category 5.

The Student Government pep club continues to make a difference around campus and thanks to them the UM cheering section at the Swamp will be that much louder.