Kind of Like Spitting Talk New Tour and Staying Indie

Kind of Like Spitting’s core member Ben Barnett stopped by the studios of WVUM 90.5 FM to sing a few songs and chat about their upcoming tour with Saves the Day. If you’re not familiar with KOLS, they are very committed to maintaining a DIY ethic. Their shows are usually around $5, even when they could be higher, and they have an open line of communication with their fans.

Q: So, Saves the Day doesn’t exactly play the same style of music as you, how do you feel about ending up on this tour?

KOLS: I’m pretty excited about it. They’re really sweet, and they’re nice, and I’ve known them for years.

Q: Well, even beyond the stylistic differences, Saves the Day is at a different level than you as far as mainstream popularity. You guys, of course, are a band that have made a name for your selves playing small inexpensive shows, while Saves the Day are a band headlining $12-15 dollar shows. How do you feel about their stardom and how it will affect you?

KOLS: They’re young, and they’re honest, and they blew up. It’s not a crime to blow up. Everyone’s been supportive, like “Hey, that’s really great for you guys.” It’s going to be crazy. We’re still going to play acoustic sets outside after the shows, and we’re going to play as a rock band. I think we’re also going to do a lot of acoustic house shows during the day, and just try to stay away from the monster that is “big indie rock” right now. It’s kind of scary to me, as it’s looking a lot more like the major [labels] in a big way, and that’s starting to kinda freak me out. But this tour is great. I mean, we do this tour, and we can go out and do little shows for five bucks, and do things that we want to do, like be a cheaper band. It’s tough though, and I struggle with it a little bit.

Kind of Like Spitting will be playing at the Metal Factory in Fort Lauderdale on November 14 with Saves the Day and Piebald. Listen to WVUM 90.5 FM for upcoming details. Their new album, Bridges Worth Burning, produced by John Goodmanson (Low, Wu-tang Clan), is out now on Barsuk Records. For more info visit and

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