Holiday Inn is not home

Residential life on campus is supposed to be about socializing in the dorms and meeting new people, but for some UM students this semester is more about “Do Not Disturb” signs and continental breakfasts.

For the second straight year, the administration has miscalculated the appropriate numbers for admissions, forcing over 200? students to call the Holiday Inn home.

When students envisioned life at UM, the Holiday Inn was not likely part of their plan. For many of them, the lush campus may have been a selling point in their decision to attend. Now they find themselves divided from campus by busy US1. Though they are in close proximity to campus, they’re a million miles away from the experience they should be having in the dorms.

While HBO and maid service may seem enticing, it cannot make up for the fact that hundreds of students are being robbed of the college experience they deserve. They paid to live in the dorms…they did not pay to live in a hotel room at the Holiday Inn.

We understand the university wants to maximize profits by admitting as many students as possible. But their desire to fill this campus to maximum capacity seems to have backfired once again. The university is now shelling out thousands of dollars a day in hotel bills, as irate parents are left to wonder why their children are without campus housing.

We hope the administration will consider re-evaluating their policy for admissions so every student has a dorm room to call home. We know they want to welcome everybody, but they should acknowledge this pursuit is leaving many students feeling unwelcome.