Parking woes to diminish as semester starts

UM has finally decided to alleviate one of its most notorious problems – parking.

After two years of planning and negotiating, the Parking Management Plan is finally in action, and the results are showing: more parking spaces and less parking hassles.

“[When it’s done,] it’s going to be the biggest parking change in the history of the University,” Associate Vice President of Business Services Alan Fish said. “This is tremendous, the biggest thing ever in parking.”

“We are dramatically changing the landscape of parking here at the University of Miami for the better,” said Charles McConnell, Director of Parking and Transportation Services.

The Pavia Garage, opposite the Daystar Health Center and adjacent to the UC, boasting 561 spaces, and the new Liguria, Red Road North and Red Road South perimeter lots are all now open.

The Ponce Garage, soon to open with 1,052 spaces, is still under construction in order to finish the two-floor expansion.

According to McConell, however, the Ponce garage’s first floor will be opened in the next seven to ten days, while the existing spaces above will be opened in September.

Both garages offer 24-hour security, emergency blue light phones and shelter from the weather.

“This semester will probably be hectic. They may have built more parking but they are still behind,” Luis Midence, a graduate student, said.

The University is currently leasing 200 spaces across the street from the Ponce Parking Garage in Miami public lots 42 and 43 to temporarily soften the demand.