Avoiding mediocrity: enthusiastic students

With the dawn of a new semester upon us, the Miami Hurricane would like to pose a challenge to all students to get off the sidelines and embrace all of the resources this University has to offer. It makes no sense if you’re spending a hefty ransom on tuition, but ignoring some of the best opportunities here.

For all of you journalism majors out there who still have no idea where the Hurricane office is, shame on you. A university newspaper of this size should be turning writers away, but instead we have just a small handful of devoted students who are clever enough to realize how crucial hands-on newspaper experience is to their future careers.

Sure it’s easy to be lazy and coast through school…but being satisfied with mediocrity will only keep you from discovering what you want to do with the rest of your life. But if that’s what you intend to do why spend $30 grand a year…why not fork over a few hundred bucks to a community college?

Your experience here is about what you put into it…just showing up for class is not enough. We are going to strive to make the Hurricane great…but a school’s newspaper is only as great as its students. With such a large student body, most of us will never meet face to face. Our newspaper will hopefully be a central meeting place where we can all come together and exchange ideas. We’d like the Opinion section to be a peaceful battleground for students to engage in debates…a place where conservatives, liberals, anarchists, and everyone in between can have their voices heard.

We’re sure we’ll all have a million excuses not to write this semester…but it’s just as easy to come up with the same amount of good reasons to write. And just think of the pride you’ll feel when you’re 80 years old and you have the musty yellowed pages of your old Hurricanes to show your grandchildren how feisty you once were.