Whitely welcome freshmen

Dear New Student,

Welcome to the University of Miami, and congratulations on your decision to attend one of the finest educational institutions in Higher Education.
You are approximately one of 13,000 students from all 50 states and over 112 foreign countries who will attend the University this year. You follow in the footsteps of many renowned scholars, Pulitzer Prize winners, Rhodes Scholars, Fulbright Scholars, two Heisman Trophy winners, Congressmen, CEOs and over 138,000 successful alumni.
The University of Miami was recently recognized as a Character-Building Institution by the Templeton Foundation. We strive for all of our student life opportunities to provide you a chance to develop your leadership skills.
Take charge of your life! Develop your skills and talents by maximizing your academic opportunities and tapping into the “real life experiences” through student organizations and other activities, which will assist you in contributing to our community as an effective leader.
A multitude of opportunities await you…now it’s your turn. I look forward to formally welcoming you during Orientation 2002. Best wishes for academic and personal success.


Patricia A. Whitely
Vice President for Student Affairs