The Place to shop Sunset Place

Relatively new in Miami, Sunset Place has become one of the premiere shopping and dining areas in Miami-Dade County. Even hotspot Coconut Grove has been losing business to the outdoor gallery of shops, restaurants and arcades. Albeit sometimes a bit too teeny-bopper, the UM student can find many fun and appetizing things to do there. Here’s a list of Sunset Place’s best attractions.

Virgin Record Store

By far the best record store in Miami, Virgin has the largest selection of music, ranging from imports to popular hit CDs. The only problem may be the steep prices, with each CD costing around $17 (as opposed to Best Buy’s usual $13 price). They have listening booths with selections of the newest, “hottest” CDs for customers to sample. Upstairs is a wide selection of entertainment books, computer games, and DVDs. A definite must stop for the avid multimedia shopper.


The closest and largest movie theatre to campus, the AMC at Sunset Place boasts a wide array of movies from the most popular to some lesser-known, dare I say, “artsy” films. With stadium seating, and the largest selection around, the AMC at Sunset Place is one of the best movie theatres (if you can tolerate the loud, adolescent clientele).


This omni theatre boosts an extremely large screen, making it more like an amusement ride than a movie. Previous films have included the re-release of “Beauty and the Beast,” the Michael Jordan movie, and Fantasia 2000. Sometimes a good experience, but mostly full of such bad plots and dialogue as to make your aesthetic sensibilities fall to the bottom of your toes and swear to never come back. Prices are expensive, at about $9 per person.


An arcade/restaurant/bar, Gameworks has many different arcade games, ranging from classics to latest generation multi-floor challenges. The restaurant has the usual burger type selections. A great trick is the fact that playing requires a card that must be refilled instead of a huge bag of quarters. The downside, however, is that one doesn’t notice the $20 slowly disappearing. Though an all-age joint, under 18s require parental escorts, and must leave at a certain time every night. Tuesdays ladies play free!

Barnie’s coffeshop

Sick of the overpriced Starbucks? Then head over to the even more overpriced Barnie’s. Buying a brownie and coffee there can run over ten bucks. Their iced coffee is somehow much better than Starbucks though. Still, the prices are so steep as to warrant bulging eyes and a dropped jaw.


The recently opened restaurant boosts odd dEcor (a projector sends onto the wall pictures of nice scenery that are more jarring than anything else) yet fantastic food. Try the mushroom risotto and chocolate souffle for dessert. The service is friendly and attentive, price being about $25 for a table of two.

Armani Exchange

For all the label queens out there, Armani Exchange has become the hip Miami store to shop. Wanna look like a stylish drone? Then hop on the metro, walk to Armani Exchange, and buy whatever trendy monographed t-shirt they sell.