Residence halls a great way to meet friends

“Student Housing for Student Learning” is the vision statement that all students living on campus will see daily. The Department of Residence Life has done a great job in securing a great staff, with top-of-the line masters in each college.

Dr. Robert J. Redick, Director of Residence Halls, is in charge of all residence life issues. Every Residential College is assigned one Residence Coordinator and one Residence Master. This summer, Dr. Redick was charged with finding 4 new Residence Coordinators and one new Associate Director of Residence Life.

“First of all, we did a national search for the Associate Director of Residence Life position. We got the top person that we wanted,” said Redick. “All the Residence Coordinators are experienced, and all are top notch, our four top people are coming to campus.”

The success of a Residential College at the University of Miami is definitely in the hands of the student Resident Assistants. (RA) Resident Assistants are chosen every year, and they go through a very rigorous selection process. Resident Assistants are on the floor to serve as mentors, and they assist with the transition into college.

The Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. Patricia A. Whitely, is very excited about the RA staff this year. “They are terrific, RA’s are some of the most ambitious student leaders,” said Whitely.

Becky Quarles, a Senior Resident Assistant, recollects why she became an RA. “I became an RA because my RA was awesome. I had a great experience, and I wanted to give that experience to future residents.”

There are five different residential colleges on campus, and several apartment complexes. The five residential colleges are assigned based on class status.

Hecht and Stanford are known as “The Towers”. They are the four, twelve-story buildings seen from all over campus. The Towers are more prominently assigned to freshman housing, due to the architecture. Each floor is single-sex, and they share communal bathrooms. The atmosphere of the towers is more prone to meeting people, because you see the people that live on your floor every day. The floor programs are designed to introduce students to Miami, and to the university.

Mahoney, Pearson, and Eaton are a different style of housing. Each one of those students living in those residential colleges have suitemates. There are two rooms, joined together by a bathroom. Usually, non-freshman live in these dorms, because they have been exposed to the campus, and have already made friends. The floor programs are geared towards an older crowd of students.

Emily Huzyak, President of the Delta Gamma Sorority, recollects her residence life experience. “I lived on campus for my first two years. I recomend it to every freshman to live on campus for two years, because it is a great way to get involved and meet people.”

All residents this year are going to receive a treat. This year, WATSCO, made a $50,000 contribution to residence halls for student education. They will be providing students with tickets to go to the Contemporary Art Museum, The Art Ballet, and The Fairchild Gardens.

“They [WATSCO] believe in introducing students to the community,” said Whitely.

Another planned addition to Residence Life will be the future building of the University Village. The University Village has been a long-term goal for the University of Miami. These upperclassman apartments should start construction within the next year. These would be located on fratenity row, and be a great asset to residence life.

The University Village is a personal project of President Donna Shalala. So, with her reputation, the University of Miami can expect the University Village to have groundbreaking in no time at all.

Residence Life is a great time at the University of Miami, and it is a great opportunity to experience. Residence Assistants applications come available in mid-spring, so if anyone is interested, make sure to inquire early.

If you have any questions with Residence Life, call 305-284-4505.