Religious life supported at UM

The University of Miami has several different religious associations on campus, Catholic, Hillel Jewish Student Center, Chi Alpha Religion Ministry, Baptist Student Union, The Wesley Foundation, and the Episcopal Church Center.

These facilities are open to all students, and each denomination has trained clergy or lay workers that are prepared to meet college students’ needs. These centers are available for all students. The Chaplains are involved with the institution, and highly educated with the resources the university has to offer.

“Certainly, all the Services are available for the students at UM,” says Vice President for Student Affairs Dr. Patricia A. Whitely.

These centers currently provide for the entire student population at the University of Miami. However, this year, the university has announced Dell McIntosh as Chair of the Chaplains Association, who will be succeeding Rev. Joe Lortie.

However, there are new religious projects on the rise at the University of Miami. There is currently a large Islamic Community at the university, and Dr. Whitely is looking out for everyone’s needs.

“I am working with the Islamic Community to develop a plan, and secure the ability to provide an Islamic Center on campus,” says Whitely.

The Islamic Student Center has plans for construction within the next two years, and is incorporated into the University of Miami Master Plan.

If you have any questions, please call 305- 742-5442.