Miami Dining for the cash-challenged

Some Miami restaurants are known for their so-so service, yet hipster crowds. Some can seem like a place only for power couples and celebrities not caring how much a measly salads dents their wallet. For the University of Miami

college student, though, reasonable prices are as important as hipness (okay, price is MUCH more important than being hip).

Here is a list of some reasonably priced yet notable Miami restaurants:

Terrace Grill

A new restaurant that just opened up on U.S. 1, blocks from Sunset Place, Terrace Grill offers an assortment of Mexican inspired dishes at reasonable prices. The building is painted orange and mauve, in the style of Spanish adobes, and although the inside is cluttered, the outdoor seating is a step up (although the view of UM staple club Revolver is less then best). Try the zesty vegetable quesadilla, served on a triangle yellow plate, with vibrant corn relish and tangy salsa. The cake desserts are simplistic yet delicious. Even better is the attentive service (perhaps the best in Miami). Average price around $30 for dinner and dessert for two.


The best moderately priced South Beach restaurant, Balans is located on popular Lincoln Road. With a vast selection of vegetarian and meat dishes, Balans boasts some of the best-presented cheap dishes. The Sweet Potato Souffle, served in a sometimes salty cheese sauce with wilted spinach on top is an addictive and irresistible dish. For dessert, the warm chocolate soufflE with basil ice cream is well worth the fifteen minute wait. Service is definitely not the most courteous, yet

goes right along with the people-watching (sitting outside gives the patron enormous amounts of eccentric eye candy to nibble on). Normal price for two is $25.

Daily Bread

Not exactly a restaurant, but a middle-eastern food stop with desserts and dinners cafeteria style. The falafel sandwich and hummus are done as well as any place can do it, and the baklava and honey cake for dessert are great. Having the option of outdoor seating as well as indoors is definitely a plus. Prices are $5 dollars for the sandwiches, $1 for the desserts.

Pasta Fiore

Hidden in Kendall, off of U.S. 1 near the Kendall Book shelf and Tavern, Pasta Fiore is a find in Miami. It serves up some of the best home-made Italian food, from the delicious manicotti to the classic Penne pasta with buffalo mozzarella and basil. Each dinner comes with a salad, a revolutionary idea in this urban day and age. Prices are about $25 dollars for a table for two.


Right across from the University of Miami is the best sushi place, although not exactly cheap. With two menus, both Thai and Japanese, Moon offers the UM student a vast selection of delicious sushi and great Thai food. The Thai ice tea is smooth and the Pad Thai is the highlight of the menu. Prices are a bit more expensive, about $40 for a table of two. You could save on gas, though, considering it is no more than a few paces away.