Hurricane Productions promises great shows to come

When most people read the abbreviation HP, they think Hewlett Packard, a renowned organization. However, HP at the University of Miami has a different meaning. In Canes Town, HP is the renowned Hurricane Productions.

Hurricane Productions is an organization that produces many of the major events on the University of Miami campus. Hurricane Productions programs major concerts, movies at the Cosford Cinema, and recreational events on campus. Last year, Hurricane Productions brought Ludacris to campus. The rain was poring, but yet, there was an attendance of over 4,000 people.

“It was a great concert,” remarked Junior Jon Duerr.

The University of Miami’s theater is located on the second floor of the Memorial Building. The Bill Cosford Theater hosts many movies, with a couple sneak previews during the year. However, seating is limited, so people must grab tickets in advance in the HP office.

A big advocate of keeping students on campus by increasing programming is President Donna Shalala. Last year, President Shalala allocated money towards a pilot-programming project. The money was allocated to Student Activities to increase the amount of programs on campus. Since last year programs were such a success, President Shalala decided to increase funding for the upcoming year.

“Last year, we had late night programs, bands, movies, comedy shows, Jazz Nights at the Rat, and many other programs,” remarked Vice President for Student Affairs, Dr. Patricia A. Whitely.

This year, Hurricane Productions has created a new branch to their organization, Canes Night Live (CNL). Canes Night Live is a subdivision of HP, whose focus is to organize great late night programs.

“This year, an additional $70,000 was given to specifically for late night programming,” said Whitely.

Hurricane Productions is a great way to get involved on campus. Not only is it a great extracurricular activity, it is a great entrance into the entertainment world. The student members of HP are the people who organize bands and concerts, negotiate contracts, and manage all publicity. So, if any students are interested in this area, it is an opportunity that should not be overlooked.

If you are interested in Hurricane Productions, or would like to see upcomming events, visit the website at