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alpha epsilon pi

Alpha Epsilon Pi, also known as AEPi, was founded at the University of Miami in 1947. Alpha Epsilon Pi is a historically Jewish Fraternity. It was founded to give Jewish men an opportunity to have a great fraternity experience, while increasing their ties to the Jewish community. You will often see one of the brothers sporting their blue and gold letters around campus. Alpha Epsilon Pi members also hold positions on campus, like Student Government Supreme Court Justice and Interfraternity Council Judicial Board Chair.

Motto: “Commitment for a Lifetime”

Colors: Blue and Gold

Philanthropy: Habitat for Humanity, Mazone, and Juvenile Diabetes

Famous Alumni: Scott Wolf, actor, Gene Wilder, Actor/produce/director, Jerry Lewis, Actor and Chairman of the Muscular Dystrophy Association

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alpha sigma phi

Alpha Sigma Phi, also known as Alpha Sig, charterd on the University campus in 1947. Founded at Yale University in 1845, Alpha Sigma Phi has increased its brotherhood from coast to coast. More than 150 years old, the fraternity has made it through many hardships. For this reason, it has dedicated the Phoenix as its symbol. Alpha Sigma Phi was the 2001 Homecoming and 2002 Greek Week Champions.

Motto: “The Cause is hidden, the results are well known”

Colors: Cardinal Red

Philanthropy: K-9 Companions for Independents

Famous Alumni: C. Everett Koop, Former Surgeon General of the United States, Tom Watson, Professional Golfer, Vincent Price, Actor

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kappa sigma

Kappa Sigma, also known as Kappa Sig, has had a great history here at the University of Miami. Since the fraternity’s chartering on the University of Miami campus in 1939, it has had great success. Kappa Sigma was the fraternity’s Homecoming champions in 2000, and has had great success with supporting its philanthropy, Boys Town of Italy. You may often see Kappa Sig’s at events on campus in their scarlet, white, and emerald green letters, promoting their brotherhood.

Motto: “Bononia Docet”

Colors: Scarlet, White, and Emerald Green

Philanthropy: Boys Town of Italy

Famous Alumni: Jimmy Buffet, Music Artist, Robert Redford, Actor, William Hewlett, Co-founder of Hewlett-Packard

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lambda chi alpha

Lambda Chi Alpha, also known as Lambda Chi, can be seen all over campus during the week of Watermelon Bust. Watermelon Bust is made up of weeklong events like a watermelon eating, watermelon carving, and sporting events designed to raise money for its philanthropy, Angel Foundation for AIDS. Lambda Chi was founded at Boston University in 1909, and has been growing stronger every year. This year the Student Body Vice President is a member of the Lambda Chi Alpha fraternity.

Motto: “Every Man and Man”

Colors: Purple, Green, and Gold

Philanthropy: Angel Foundation for AIDS

Famous Alumni: Dr. Edward T. Foote II, President Emeritus and Chancellor, University of Miami, Harry S. Truman, 33rd President of the United States, John S. Reed, Chairmen of Citicorp and Citibank

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phi delta theta

Phi Delta Theta, also known as Phi Delt, was re-chartered on the university campus in 1995. It has been growing fiercely strong ever since, having members serving in the position of Interfraternity Council Secretary. You can see Phi Delta supporting its fight to raise money for its philanthropy, Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Through the bond that all Phi Delta Theta members have, they promote their ideals of scholarship, leadership, individual growth and community involvement. This chapter believes “One man is no man, it is about brothers.”

Motto: “One Man is no Man”

Colors: Azure Blue and Argent White

Philanthropy: Lou Gherigs Disease

Famous Alumni: Lou Gehrig, Baseball Player, Neil Armstrong, Astronaut, Burt Reynolds, Actor

National Website:

pi kappa alpha

Pi Kappa Alpha, also known as Pike, is one of the largest international fraternities on the North American continent. Pike specializes in athletics, and has recently defied its national stereotype by holding it first philanthropy, Pike PigOut. Pi Kappa Alpha was founded at UM in 1940, and the brothers have been wearing their Garnet and Gold letters proudly ever since. This year, the Student Body President is a member of Pi Kappa Alpha.

Motto: “Scholars, Leaders, Athletes, and Gentleman”

Colors: Garnet and Gold

Philanthropy: United Cerebral Palst

Famous Alumni: Gino Toretta, University of Miami Heisman Trophy Winner, Bobby Bowden, Head Football Coach, Florida State, Tim McGraw, Country Music Star

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Sigma alpha epsilon

Sigma Alpha Epsilon, also known as SAE, is re-chartering this year on the university campus. After taking a 3-year leave, Sigma Alpha Epsilon plans to have a strong comeback this year on campus. This fraternity will have many leadership opportunities available.

Motto: “True Gentleman”

Colors: Purple and Gold

Philanthropy: March for Breast Cancer

Famous Alumni: Connie Mack, U.S. Senator, Chris Sullivan, CEO of Outback Steakhouse, Troy Aikman, Football Player

National Website:

Sigma alpha mu

Sigma Alpha Mu, also know as Sammy, was founded in New York in 1909 and the Mu Epsilon chapter was founded at UM in 1946. You may often see Sammy’s hanging out in their purple and white jerseys or playing sports at the IM fields. This year, Sigma Alpha Mu hosted its first SAM SLAM, a philanthropy week designed to raise money for the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation. You will see many members involved on campus through Student Government Senate, the Interfraternity Council and the FUNDAY executive board.

Motto: “To Foster and Maintain a Spirit of Fraternity”

Colors: Purple and White

Philanthropy: Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation

Famous Alumni: Terry Semel, President of Warner Brothers, David Stern, Commissioner of the NBA, Ernie Davis, 1961 Heisman Trophy Winner

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Sigma chi

Sigma Chi is one of the oldest fraternities on the university continuing some of the longest running traditions. Its philanthropy is the Children’s Miracle Network, and it raises money annually for this charity through its campus-wide “Derby Days.” Not only will you see Sigma Chi’s sporting their letters on campus, but also on the Orange Bowl Field. Sigma Chi is in charge of “Touchdown Tommy,” a cannon that is shot every time UM scores a touchdown or field goal.

Motto: “In hoc signo vinces”

Colors: Royal Blue and Old Gold

Philanthropy: Children’s Miracle Network

Famous Alumni: Lod Cook, CEO Arco, David Letterman, Late Night Talk Show Host, James Barksdale, CEO Netscape Communications

National Website:

Sigma phi epsiloN

Sigma Phi Epsilon, also known as Sig Ep, is one of the youngest chapters on the university campus but has gained much recognition. Sig Ep has won the President’s Cup for the past two years, and the past two Student Body presidents were members. Sig Ep is very distinct because it do not have a pledge program, opting for a Balanced Man Program. This year Sig Ep hosted “A Week for the Heart,” a philanthropy designed to raise money for A League Against Cancer.

Motto: “Spirit Healthy, Body Healthy”

Colors: Purple and Red

Philanthropy: Habitat for Humanity and Centro Compesino

Famous Alumni: Terry Lundgren, President and CEO Neiman Marcus, David Thomas, Founder, Wendy’s International, Richard Gannon, Raiders Quarterback

National Website:

zeta beta tau

Zeta Beta Tau, also known as ZBT, came to the University of Miami in 1946 with the chartering of the Alpha Omega chapter. It has been striving ever since, and members are seen on campus with their blue and gold letters. ZBT is another historically Jewish fraternity founded at Columbia University in 1909.

Motto: “Powerhouse of Excellence”

Colors: Blue, White, and Gold

Philanthropy: Boys Town of Italy

Famous Alumni: Burton Baskin, founder of Baskin-Robbins, Samuel Rosen, former chairman of 20th Century Fox, David Werblin, founder of the New York Jets

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Compiled by Mike Johnston