Fraternities win prizes in national conference

In 1776, the American College Fraternity Movement was founded. Since the founding, fraternities have grown and strived to exemplify their virtues. Diligence, honor, and integrity are paramount in a fraternity man’s life.

Fraternity men represent a very small percentage in the United States population; only 2%. These men have excelled beyond expectations. These men are some of the strongest political leaders, social activists and business executive officers. Fraternity men are some of the strongest men in the United States.

The Interfraternity Council [IFC] governs the University of Miami’s fraternity community. The IFC is made of all fraternity chapter presidents and one other delegate from each chapter. The IFC hold bi-weekly meetings at which fraternities have the opportunity to meet and network together.

Last year the University of Miami IFC attended the Southeastern Interfraternity Conference in Atlanta, Georgia. The UM IFC, as well as more than 25 other IFCs, had the opportunity to apply for more than 16 regional awards. The University of Miami’s Interfraternity Council won 7 of them.

Men’s recruitment starts as soon as school begins. So, if any student is interested in recruitment, or Greek Life in general, stop by the Greek Life table in the University Center Breezeway.

Compiled by Mike Johnston