Finding the Way: The Orientation Program at UM

Special to the Miami Hurricane
from the Department of Orientation
August 24, 2002 – Coral Gables, FL
Where do I register for classes? How do I get an ID card? Where are the classrooms? Where’s the Student Union? Ahhh!!!

The first few days of college can take their toll on any new student. But it doesn’t have to be that way. The University of Miami’s Department of Orientation helps you, our brand new Hurricanes, to an easy and smooth transition into college life.

The Orientation staff spends a year working to make it the best orientation program for our new students. Part of the new improvements include a larger staff; there are over 200 orientation assistants alone! New students are able to check-in earlier at the Residence Halls so that they have more time for Orientation; you can begin checking-in on Friday, August 23. Consult the Department of Residence Halls for the exact time at which you can check-in. There is also a central check-in location for Orientation check-in on Saturday, August 24.

Two professional staff members lead the Orientation staff. Tricia Shatley is the Director of Orientation and Webb Morgan is the Assistant Director of Orientation. Even though there are administrators overseeing the program, students are the ones in charge of making the program, selecting a staff and making sure that our new students are having a great time. There are three student Program Coordinators who decide on the schedule, find sponsorship and decide on the theme. Next in line are the Orientation Coordinators. The Orientation Coordinators have one of the most important tasks on our staff. In addition to selecting the Orientation Assistants, they are also in charge of keeping the staff motivated and making sure that the sessions are going well. Finally, there are the Orientation Assistants, OA’s for short. They have the single most important job on staff; making you, our new students, feel at home.
You should have already received information about Orientation in the mail. You should have also received information about the Parents Orientation Program. The sessions will be tailored specifically for parents so that all there questions may be answered.

For the most recent updates, please log on to the Orientation website at If you have any questions, please e-mail us at or call us at 305-284-5646. We hope to see all of you at Orientation, beginning on August 24 and ending on August 27, just in time for the first day of classes. Don’t forget, no matter where you’re from, “All Roads Lead to U!”