Dept. of Safety on guard

When the word Miami is spoken, many people think of car theft, vandalism, and assault. But the University of Miami Department of Public Safety works hard to make everyone at UM have an enjoyable experience.

The Department of Public Safety is working constantly to improve the safety on campus. There are several availabilities on campus that are free to all students and faculty, any time of the day.

The Department of Public Safety has a very strong crime prevention program. They believe in being proactive. University of Miami has its own licensed police officers, trained and ready for anything.

The University of Miami has a program running that operates Blue Light Telephone. Blue Light Telephones can be seen from all over campus, having strong blue neon lights radiating above the telephone poles. If anyone gets lost, needs assistance, or would like an escort, these phones are available for those reasons. The Department of Public Safety knows exactly where you are, and can have an officer anywhere in minutes.

Also, the University of Miami has an auto-theft program available to all students. VIN Etching is a free opportunity to any student or employee at the university. This program began at UM in spring of 2001, and it is a nationwide vehicle identification program. The Department of Public Safety will etch a number into the glass windows of a car, thereby, lowering the value of the car substantially.

Adopt-A-Cop is a resident focused program. There are four University of Miami, City of Coral Gables Police Officers that are hired to patrol their individual residence halls. These cops are available for assistance whenever needed.

Many times, a student may drive on campus and leave their lights on. Then the battery goes dead. Sometimes if you are running late for class, a student will not stop for gas. A car cannot start unless it has enough gas. So, if you do not want to call AAA, call 305-284-6666. This is the UM motorist assistance program that is available to all students.

Calling 305-284-6666 will connect you to Public Safety, and they can help with many problems. They have Slim Jims that able to open up a car if keys are locked inside. They can jump start your car, if your battery dies. They will also bring a couple gallons of gas if needed. This availability is currently available until 10:00 p.m. during weekdays.

R.A.D., Rape Aggression Defense, is a reality based self-defense program for women. A certified instructor teaches this course, and it identifies major situations. The course includes awareness, prevention, avoidance, and several self-defense techniques.

If you have any questions, feel free to call Public Safety at 305-284-6666.