Dear Incoming Freshmen:

Right about now, you must be very excited about starting your first successful year at UM! Anticipation builds as the first day of classes rapidly approaches. When you begin, you will be taking a significant step toward the “future” everyone has always spoken about. The University of Miami will provide you with an education that prepares you to pursue and accomplish each of your long-term goals.

Here at the University of Miami, and Honor Code exists to ensure the academic integrity of your undergraduate degree. It establishes the standard of achievement for every academic endeavor during your undergraduate career. Simply stated, the University of Miami does not tolerate any type of academic dishonesty. Any individual caught cheating at the University of Miami can face a variety of sanctions including expulsion. Admission to the University of Miami comes as a result of hard work, self-discipline, and personal integrity. While you study at this institution, the University of Miami Honor Code allows for personal growth and honest accomplishment.

Each student agrees to abide by the Honor Code on the initial application to the University of Miami. The Code can be found on page 69 of the Student Rights & Responsibilities manual, which you will receive during Orientation. Tests and papers throughout your academic stay will require you to sign the “Honor Statement.” The University of Miami Honor Council, consisting of 22 undergraduate students, is charged with enforcing the Honor Code. When not adjudicating cases, the Honor Council remains busy by educating students, faculty, and staff on the latest issues surrounding Academic Integrity. If you have a question about the Honor Code, you will be able to meet Honor Council members during Orientation.

Currently, the Honor Council is also searching for a few good undergraduate men and women to fill vacancies left by graduating seniors. Selection to serve on the Honor Council is highly competitive and consists of several stages. If you have any questions about the Honor Code or think you might be interested in serving on the 2002-2003 Honor Council, please stop by the Dean of Students’ Office at Building 21-H for more information. Each of us on the Council is honored that you chose the University of Miami!

Becky Quarles, President
University of Miami Honor Council