Letter to the Editor

Re: Article in April 19 issue: “Candle promotes interfaith peace:”

The Hurricane is indeed a reputable and successful school newspaper. However, mistakes and misunderstandings do happen to all.

In the Friday April 19th’s article, “Candle Vigil Promotes Interfaith Peace”, there was one significant error, which resulted from a certain interpretation. I was misquoted saying, “Someone brought an American flag… I wouldn’t allow it in the ceremony. I’m against nationalism. That promotes wars.” This statement could be interpreted that I am against American pride in general. However, this interpretation would not be representative of my point of view.

Concurring with what I was genuinely implying, the quote should have stated, “…I am against nationalism at my vigil.” People bringing their country’s flag, be it American, or anywhere else, would modify the vigil’s main focus of a peaceful and uniting gathering to ALL people of ALL nationalities.

In conclusion, I would also like to thank the seventy participants and the university community at large for supporting this vigil.

Oded Ashkenazi is a sophomore majoring in Psychology.