Welcome to the Osbournes’

The Osbournes are way more than just another partaker of the reality TV show trend. The unscripted, highly-censored show happens to be hilarious, and has gained an increase in buzz and hype every week. This certainly hasn’t taken anyone by surprise, except the family itself.

Each Tuesday, the usual young MTV crowd, and a wider and older audience gather, around the television to watch the same situation over and over again: Ozzy mumbling unintelligible sentences, half composed of swear words, his wife Sharon telling him what to do or not do, Kelly whining and complaining about her brother Jack, who always goes on angry rampages at everyone. The Osbournes is a comedic reflection of the typical dysfunctional family. What else could America ask for in entertainment, but to see its own reflection?

The Osbournes has also served as the adequate CPR to revive Ozzy’s career. The self-proclaimed “Prince of Darkness” wasn’t able to strike a chord or made any impact on the charts with his last year’s album Down to Earth. However, lucky for Osbourne, his show features concert footages from his tour and his new songs are played throughout the episodes. Unsurprisingly, this has boosted his album sales and promotion, which needed push.

The key element that makes the show intriguing and fun is that the viewer gets to discover the unknown and unexpected aspects of the Osbourne household: mellow Ozzy is last in totem pole of decision making; Sharon waits up for Kelly, 17, and Jack, 16, to get home at night; Ozzy is anti-tattoos and drugs; Jack is quite a ladies’ man, and both children go to high school.

Kelly and Jack’s ever -changing wacky hairdos and the multiple cats and dogs are also a pivotal part of The Osbournes’ charm.

MTV producers are currently negotiating with the family the possibility of a second season, since this one has been so successful.

The Osbourne family has become the 21st century version of the Bradys, the Jeffersons, and the Cosbys. The difference: no scripts, no acting, and no pretending to be the royal family or rock and roll.