Greeks beat Apartments in UMIQ Finals

“Yah! Go Greeks!” was the cry, as they walked away with the grand prize of a check for $7000 at the first ever UMIQ game show.

The taping for the final $10,000 championship game between the Greeks and the Apartment Area was held Wednesday at 8 p.m. at the School of Communication courtyard.

“It’s nice to have some spending money and be part of this whole experience,” said Lizette Vila, a member of the Greeks team.

To get to the finals, the Greeks defeated Eaton and Pearson while the Apartment Area defeated Stanford and the Commuters.

The Greeks won a $1000 each to spend at the UM bookstore, while the Apartment Area got $250 each.

“I’m so happy I got $250 so I don’t need to worry about buying textbooks next semester,” said Lauren Walker.

Each team originally consisted of 8 members but due to unavoidable circumstances, two members of the Apartment Area were absent.

The Greek team members were Carly Bobar, Lizette Vila, Monica Vila, Jose “Pepi” Diaz, Jason Guercio, Vil Assuncion and Roger Alvarez.

The show consisted of four rounds-the in-depth questions, the buzzer round, the pop culture round and the final 90 second round.

“The format of the show incorporates the students, professors and the entire UM campus and this has never been done before,” said Rachel Brill, the producer of the show.

The Apartment Area started off well, winning the first round.

In the second round, the Greeks fought back to claim the lead and after that there was no stopping them.

“We are very proud. You were terrific and we are very lucky to have you. I’m sure everyone at the university is very proud,” said Edward J. Pfister, Dean of the School of Communications who presented the checks.

The idea for the show was put forth last October and actual production began last semester. “It’s been a long labor of love. Many long hard hours have been spent in putting a final product on the air,” said Brill.

“You definitely learn a lot and gain great hands-on-experience. You have to pay great attention to detail,” said Mileyka Burgos, the Production Manager.

The turnout wasn’t very large but organizers attributed it to insufficient advertising.

“We need greater advertising and its very hard to get players for a new show. It’s a new idea and hopefully it will expand next year,” said Deanna Sudikoff, the Associate Producer.

Involvement in the production of the show was entirely voluntary and consisted of a large cast and the latest hi-tech equipment.

“You have to be willing to put forth all your time and energy and you have to love what you’re doing,” said Brill.

The edited one hour long show will be aired on Wed. April 27th at 7 p.m. on channel 24 on UMTV and channel 96 on AT & T Cable in Coral Gables.