Applications double since 1993

Is it the sun and surf? Could it be the nightlife? Or possibly just the “hot girls” as Sophomore Asgar Ali exclaimed.

Whatever the reason, the fact is, the number of high school seniors applying to UM for the Fall 2002 semester is at an all time high.

The number has been steadily growing since 1993 from an average of 7,000 applications, to nearly double that today at roughly 14,000 applications.

According to Dean of Enrollment Paul Orehovec, the fall 2001 semester was the first year that the University admitted less than 50% of applicants- and this trend is continuing.

So what is drawing students to sunny South Florida?

“It’s probably because of our National Champion Football team!” said freshmen Travis Radak.

However, Orehovec had another explanation. He believes the university is being recognized more than ever before, because of its strong academic program, and also the admissions office’s excellent strategies in getting “the word out” about what UM has to offer.

As the number of students applying to UM increase, the requirements for acceptance has become more selective, Orehovec said.

Today, the typical high school senior accepted has an average GPA of 4.0 and is positioned in the top 14% of his or her class, according to the office of enrollment services.

The university’s new and renowned president also aids in spreading the word about UM.

Donna E. Shalala’s name recognition alone enables people from across the country to hear even a little something about UM.

But more so, it is her determination in making this university the best it can be that draws interest from soon to be college students.

“The diverse student body is what is most appealing to hopeful applicants,” Orehovec said, adding that it was one of the most varied in the nation.

The abundance of on campus activities that are available to UM students is just another motive for attraction.

Despite one’s own interests or hobbies, there is something for everyone, such as yearbook, numerous clubs, and intramural sports.