A fresh breath

You’ve gotta love Coconut Grove on Thursday nights. Gallons of cheap beer, impressionable college girls and scores of fake IDs- South Florida college debauchery at its best. The problem is, I can’t help but feel the like I’m getting kinda tired of seeing the same drunken frat boys guzzling their Bud Lights, the giggly blondes stumbling around, and I swear to God, although I love the song, you can only hear Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Free Bird so many times in one night.

Whilst sipping a Guinness at Mr. Moe’s the other night, I surveyed my surroundings and realized that the repetition is killing me. Some of us welcome change.

Enter Oyxgen. Billed as a South Beach club in the Grove, Oxygen welcomes more of an older, more sophisticated crowd. Located in the Streets of Mayfair, where the Chili Pepper once was, Oxygen follows in the footsteps of the late Kiss Caf