Homecoming announces 2002 theme

After much anticipation, the Homecoming executive committee, comprised of co-chairs Julio Barroso and Lucy Evans, and 32 Committee members, has released the theme for Homecoming 2002 as “The Road Home.”

“This year Homecoming is going to be huge,” said Roger Alvarez, homecoming committee member working with participation and recruitment. “It’s much more imaginative than ever.”

Homecoming will take place earlier this year due to the home football schedule. Opening ceremonies will be held on Friday, Sept. 27 and closing ceremonies will be on Sunday, Oct. 13.

“We have the added obstacle of trying to ensure and increase involvement while making sure that everyone is aware that Homecoming will take place much earlier in the semester than they have been accustomed to in the past,” said committee member Julio Barroso. “Through the hard work of our committee members, we are overcoming this problem and are way ahead of schedule with the planning of all events.”

“We’re trying to get students, organizations, fraternities, and sororities involved this year that haven’t participated in the past because they were not aware of all the things going on,” said Alvarez. “The more people that get involved, the more exiting and fun everything will be.”

Alvarez said he also hopes to get the residential colleges actively involved in this year’s activities.

“It would be really good if students living on campus could participate in the events as teams,” said Alvarez. “We are working on finalizing this idea, but it would definitely be great to have students living in the dorms to participate as a group, especially if they are not involved in any other organizations on campus.”

“I didn’t get to participate much in last year’s activities particularly because I didn’t know any one that wanted to go,” said sophomore Lacey Hickle. “I think it’s a great idea to have residential floors go and participate as a team in the events.”

“Even though I live off campus now, I think I’m going to give blood and do some community service for Hurricanes Help the Hometown,” Hickle said.

Homecoming committee members have also been working on several other Homecoming events including Mr. UM, Miss UM, and the Organized Cheer.

“We have the cream-of-the crop as our committee members this year,” said Barroso. “They have all done a great job organizing everything and are definitely pulling their own weight.”

An organizational meeting will take place April 22 in the International Lounge of the UC at 5:30 p.m. The meeting is open to organizations, volunteers, and willing participants.

“The purpose of this meeting is to encourage the organizations and individuals that want to be involved in the Homecoming activities to start planning early so that all those interested have the opportunity to participate come the Fall semester,” Barroso said.

“I think the theme this year sounds great,” said one student. “I’m going to show up with a cowboy hat, a snake-skin belt, and some boots- I’m from Texas.”