Students learn stress management at o.b.U

Tampon University Day?

o.b. tampons held a special stress relief event for women sponsored by o.b.U last Tuesday on the UC Patio.

“The event was created by o.b. brand tampons to increase the visibility of the brand,” said Edelman Public Relations’ Senior Account Executive Jean Landau. “They want to encourage young women to take some time for themselves, spend a few hours hanging out between classes that maybe were stressful. That’s why we offer the event on a weekday afternoon.”

o.b.U was held in a brightly colored tent with several rooms inside.

Upon approaching the tent, students were first offered free smoothies in reusable plastic cups with the o.b. logo and were invited to come inside where they could relax on fluffy beanbag chairs and pillows.

In the next room, students were instructed in kick-boxing life size dummies.

“Kick-boxing is a known stress reliever,” explained one o.b. representative.

A professional instructor was present to make sure no one over-exerted themselves or was hurt.

Students were then guided into a tunnel where black light messages glowed encouraging phrases and arrows directed students along the path.

The third and final room was the arts and crafts room where students were encouraged to write on or decorate the National Confidence Collage.

This huge board was littered with sparkly pieces of paper with brightly colored ink proclaiming things like, “Don’t let anyone take your dreams from you” and “Remember that you are beautiful”.

Students were free to add any messages they chose using the construction paper, scissors, glue, glitter pens, and other art supplies provided.

English and Spanish speaking representatives were present at the event, and were mostly college-age females themselves.

These representatives guided students through the event and offered free samples and coupons for o.b. tampons to passers-bys.

Turnout mostly consisted of female participants, as the event targeted female consumers. However, males were also welcome to participate in the event.

“University of Miami is a great place for o.b.U Day because there are 15,000 students,” said Landau. “And 52% of them are female.”

“We have several hundred people come through the tent every time we visit a college,” said one of the o.b. representatives, as she poured a banana-berry smoothie into a cup.

o.b.U Day toured eight colleges last semester and UM is one of ten colleges to be visited this semester.

“We’re hoping to change lifestyles and help women be more confident,” said Landau. “It’s a really a great stop to make during the day, between classes.”

After the tour, the National Confidence Collage will be donated to a non-profit organization.

Although the organization has not yet been chosen, o.b. and Edelman Public Relations Company are strongly considering the Women’s History Museum a worthy recipient of the Collage, organizers said.