DJ MARKY Rocks the Cazbar

One of the best drum ‘n bass disc jockeys and mixers on the scene, DJ Mark was playing in Sao Paulo, until an amazed Bryan Gee from Movement records in the UK invited him to play there.

He has won disc jockey of the year several times in Brazil and was voted best disc jockey by numerous international electronic music publications. His fame as one of the most skilled disc jockeys around is justified-he beat Miami’s finest and three-time champ DJ Craze in the DMC World Championship.

His latest CD, The Brazilian Job, has been released in the United States by Streetbeat Records. Jockey Slut calls it “The best drum & bass mix album ever-honest!” It includes the international hit Su Tinha Que Ser Com Voci, a collaboration with also Brazilian Patife and singer Fernanda Porto.

Expect Marky to make a splash once again at the upcoming Winter Music Conference, where he will attend the most coveted disc jockey performances such as the ULTRA festival.

His latest performance in Miami was at the Sci-Fly party on Jan. 19, sharing the responsibility of making thousands of people bounce up and down into the night– and early morning– with numerous prominent disc jockeys such as trance guru Anthony Rother.

UM: How was coming back to Miami to spin at Sci-Fly?

DJ Mark: I always enjoy playing in the USA, and Miami was my first place to play in the United States. Last year so was good to be back and get some sun.

UM: The adrenaline levels were sky-high at the event. You were bouncing up and down. What got you so excited?

DJM: I’m always like this. I just love Djing – it’s what I do and it’s where I’m happiest. I’m like that just, playing in my studio!

UM: Are you looking forward to the Winter Music Conference?

DJM: Yeah – last year was great – and this year I will be closing the Ultra festival with Craze, which will be exciting. And I’ll also be playing a few other parties. I’m also looking forward to seeing some of the world’s greats there.

UM: Your sets were the buzz of the drum ‘n bass media coverage of WMC last year. Any aces up your sleeve for this year?

DJM: Got some new tunes and a few more ideas. I’m always looking to improve my skills and my performance so hopefully the crowds will enjoy it again.

UM: With the release of The Brazilian Job in the States by Streetbeat Records are we going to see more of Marky?

DJM: Yes, I hope so. I’ll be doing another tour in April all over with Craze and Skibadee and then the rest of the year I’ll come back over now and again to play some proper parties.

UM: How did life change after becoming a household name in Brazil?

DJM: My life is just the same, really. Except I’m busier than ever doing interviews, DJing all the time and running around in between trying to get tunes done and living my own personal life.

UM: Are you working on any new projects with Movement?

DJM: Well, I’m always coming back to play here as it’s my international residency. I hope to have a few new tracks to put out with their label. Still, the best club for me is in the UK.