Dave Mathews Producer Brings New Act to UM

Tonight, the Rathskeller will play host to a fresh new rock act, Rearview Mirror, on the final stop of its first U.S. tour outside the Midwest.

Before graduating from high school, members of Rearview Mirror were already making a name for themselves in their hometown of Cresco, Iowa with their hard edge rock sound. After first hearing the band’s music, Steve Lillywhite, the King Midas of the music production industry, quickly signed on Rearview Mirror. Lillywhite is credited with tremendous success in producing record after record for well-known bands such as U2 and the Dave Mathews Band.

Rearview Mirror is the first new act to receive Lillywhite golden touch and has the honor of being the first band to be signed onto the new label.

Under Lillywhite’s wing, the band has recently completed work on its debut album, All Lights Off, which is scheduled to come out in the spring. In the album, the group channels its emotions and energy into an explosive sound, which can be described as a mixture between Creed, Staind, and Bush. “They’re probably the heaviest band I’ve ever produced,” Lillywhite, “They have melody but they certainly are a very heavy band.”

For 25 years, Lillywhite has been producing some of the biggest names in the business. In addition to Dave Mathews and U2, Lillywhite has produced records for the Rolling Stones, Phish, Travis, and Guster. Lillywhite’s name alone, associated with a band, is inspiration enough to fuel fans and critics interests alike.

After breaking his ties as an independent producer with Island and MCA records, the Grammy-winning Lillywhite started his own record production company, Gobstopper Records. Lillywhite’s reason for going independent was that he “wanted to attempt to become one of the major decision-makers in the business” rather than be the producer.

“I thought the people making the decisions were some sort of gods,” he said. “I later came to realize that they’re no better than I am.”

University of Miami students are being offered a great opportunity to a see and hear a small time band before they hit the big time. According to Graham Micone, who is coordinating Friday’s event for Hurricane Productions, Rearview Mirror “is going to be huge, … at this time next year everyone will know their name.”

The show will take place at the Rathskeller this Friday. The band will be taking the stage around 6:30 and admission for the event is free. “This is a great opportunity for UM students” says Micone, “They are young and full of energy and are sure to put on a great show.”