Nat’s Back

When Australian pop star Natalie Imbruglia’s first album sold six million copies, driven by the overwhelming success of the international hit single Torn, I remember telling my friend, “You’re my buddy and all, but I’d sell you to a band gypsies for a date with that hottie.”

Four years passed between Imbruglia’s debut album Left of the Middle and the release of her sophomore collection White Lilies Island, have no fear. One thing remained constant: I’d still sell my best bud to the gypsies.

Oh, but how could I forget the music? This is an album review, after all.

The former Australian soap-opera actress’s first album, Left of the Middle, had a distinctly harder feel to it, with heavier guitars and vocals. Imbruglia sang the tracks on her first album with a pent up anger. It was more of a grunge-meets-pop album.

In contrast, White Lilies Island falls more into the pop category with smoother, airier tracks. It’s like riding the teacups last time the carnival was in town and this time only riding the ferris wheel. You still have fun, and this time you see the park, but it doesn’t get your heart going.

Also, unlike the first album, Imbruglia wrote or co-wrote every track on White Lilies Island.

“I couldn’t put myself in a position where I had another hit with someone else’s song,” Imbruglia said in an interview with Bill Prince of GQ magazine.

Of the 64 tracks that Imbruglia wrote over the four years between albums, twelve made the final cut.

Several sources reported that Imbruglia, who lives in Windsor, England, with her dog Charlie, was threatened with a fine of one million English pounds by her record label if she didn’t finish her second album soon. That’s a lot of American clammies.

She finally finished the album and its songs run the gamut of emotions that Imbruglia went through while making it.

Wrong Impression was the first single released off of her newest album and was the number one most added song at Top 40 radio in its first week.

The acoustically spiced Satellite has a get-up-and-dance and sing-along feel to it. It has Top 40 potential written all over it, even despite sharing its name with the famed Dave Matthews Band track.

Songs Beauty on the Fire and Do You Love? showcase the inner turmoil that the gorgeous Imbruglia went through as she tried to wrap up the album.

And if you thought she was a cutie in the last album’s liner notes, wait until you see the liner notes for White Lilies Island. (Charlie, you lucky dog.) My only complaint was that there simply weren’t enough pictures of her.

In conclusion, if anyone has Natalie Imbruglia’s phone number, I have a friend ready to work for gypsies.